Employee Engagement and Morale

By Jason Richmond / March 24, 2017

Strategies to Improve Employee Morale and Engagement

In today’s society, everyday life and working can seem a little boring and underappreciated. Day after day, employees wake up early and head to work in order to put on their best face and give it their all. However, after awhile, the days seem to run together, the people are the same, and work just becomes work. The morale and employee engagement lowers from the monotonous routine, which in turn leads to less productivity and a ripple effect from there on out. Luckily, some team leaders or managers are willing to put in the extra work to make sure that type of behavior doesn’t exist in their company. The strategies listed below are sure fire ways to make sure your employees have good morale and are engaged every single day.


Many people determine success based off of productivity and focus only on the outcomes. This type of external motivation can keep an employee working happily for quite some time, but there comes a point when they need some internal motivation. Internal motivation comes from the employee themselves. They want to do good at their job because they love it and want the best for the company. Internal motivation allows employees to set personal goals that not only help the company, but allow themselves to reach a certain set criteria they have for themselves, which in turn makes them feel competent thus increasing their morale. No one is going to be upset about reaching a goal they have set for themselves that is just silly. Not only does goal setting allow the employee to work towards something, it makes the employee feel like they have a purpose to be at work instead of just showing up every day and going through the motions. Through the use of specific goals, employees will be happier and more productive.


Giving feedback seems to be one of the most lacking factors in a business. Through the hustle and bustle of each day, people tend to push giving praise or giving criticism to the side and go straight to business. However, this may be a big mistake.  Feedback is motivating and energizing for employees. It lets them know how they are doing, where they stand with the boss, and what they can improve on. In fact, 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized. Feedback is the cheapest, most powerful, yet most under used management tool that leaders have at their disposal. Employees want feedback so why not give it to them? It increases productivity and surveys have shown the positive effects of it. Plus, it keeps employees engaged at all times. They will either have something to work on or towards at all times with the presence of feedback.


Sometimes the easiest way to keep employees engaged with high morale is to offer incentives. An extra day off, a cup of coffee on the boss, or a gift certificate every once in awhile will be sure to keep the employees motivated and working at their best. Now, the employees shouldn’t only work because they want the small incentives. It is important for them to love their job and work for that reason, but a little pick me up prize every now and then is sure to keep them in tip-top shape. Maybe make it a competition or go old-fashioned and have employee of the month. Anything that gives employees a little extra appreciation or acknowledgment helps keep them engaged with good morale.

Beyond the Norm

Companies and offices all have their own routine and way of doing things. Unfortunately, employees may become a little disinterested or detached from this routine if they have been participating in it for too long. An easy way to make sure that this doesn’t happen is to switch things up every now and then. Have fun, bring in a big team lunch, or participate in a volunteer event. Anything that is out of the norm will keep morale high. It will give employees something to look forward to and be excited about. Not only will switching things up lead to better morale, but it will also give the employees new experiences. No one wants to do the same thing over and over again each day. Variety is a key component when it comes to workplace morale so be sure to switch it up every now and then.

Company “Holidays”

Every year the usual holidays roll around and employees are given time off. These mini vacations are nice, but there are also special days within a company that should be recognized. Celebrating work anniversaries is a great way to show appreciation and boost an employee’s morale. Celebrating the years that certain employees have been working at a company is a special day. It shows their loyalty to the company and honestly, should be celebrated. Plus, a bring your friends and family to work day would be special as well. Employees spend a large chunk of their own time at work, so it would be nice if they could show their loved ones what a day in their shoes would be like. Plus, offices could make birthdays a bigger deal as well. Bring in a cake, some balloons, or even give that specific employee a paid day off. These little mini “holidays” are sure to keep the morale and engagement at their highest.

All in all, there are so many different ways to keep employee engagement and morale at their peak. Leaders should place more emphasis on this in order to be as productive as possible and have a healthy, positive workplace. After all, employees go to work every day for numerous hours, they should be happy and engaged at all times.  


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